Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life and Death

This year we have had a lot of deaths on the farm. I know that it is part of life, but it doesn't make it any easier. Grief has visited me more times than I care to admit, but I have made it through with the help of family, friends and most of all my faith. It is one thing to go through grief yourself, it is another to watch your child lose a beloved duck, dog or cat. It hurts in a different way to watch your child go through the process, wanting to make the pain go away and sometimes feeling powerless to do so. Yesterday Crooked Beak (a chicken with a severe cross bill) died. It was especially sad because we had never expected her to make it through the winter. She proved us all wrong and I thought that she would live at least until this winter hit. Her birth defect made it very difficult for her to eat, but we did our best to help her out. We allowed her to sit in the feed barrel and eat, and it made it easier for her to get food into her mouth. She was very sweet and friendly and would follow us around always looking for more to eat. She grew weak over the last two days and I sat with her as she died and went off to chicken heaven. I carried her out of the barn and placed her into a box. My heart was filled with sadness.
But there is also new life on the farm. A few days ago seven beautiful baby ducks hatched out and they are all doing well. Mama Duck (that is what we have named her) is very protective. The ducks are unimaginably tiny and just the cutest fuzzballs you will ever see. Yesterday Dan went into the coop to check on our three broody hens and discovered that one of the chicks have hatched out. It is a beautiful deep reddish brown color and it looks very healthy. We are still waiting for more chicks.... very impatiently I might add! I am hoping that the days ahead will bring more life, but at least I am prepared if it does not.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

I have to agree with you about the sadness around death.... but there should be joy around birth as well to compensate the loss.

Shall there be more chicken..
~ bangchik

Jennifer said...

That is so sad about the birth defect taking a life. I can't watch nature programs anymore b/c I can't stand it when an animal doesn't make it! I am so not tough and get less tough every year!

April said...

We too have had several loses at our farm in the past year, including a horse-but she was getting old. We lost several chickens and a cat.

We also lost a steer, but he went to the deep freeze as his demise was planned...

Celexa birth defect lawsuit said...

I can so remember we lost our dog "Boom2x". Losing a pet can be very devastating. I cried for a week but I have to get over it. I know he's in doggie heaven now.